EPK, not for AJ 😉

AJ Billions, the man formerly known as Jonathan Aldridge, is a 10 x Emmy Considered Writer, Director, Producer, Journalist, TV Host and Correspondent.

EPK’s are for those less talented than AJ Billions.

If you are serious about doing business with AJ, kindly take a few moments to view this site and you should be able to discover what you need.

It’s 2019, and all that most want to see is social engagement. Well, AJ has well over 5,000 FB friends, over 100,000 YouTube views and is the real deal 💯

In this day and age of cell phone addiction and shaming, social media is a lie…

AJ has been in private closed door Hollywood meetings whereas high profile executives admit that there is NO evidence linking social following to advertising or box office success. Like many things in life, social media is a game. Face it, just as many pro athletes use steroids, many on social media pay for followers…yeah, we just said that 💯;-)

If all you’re looking for is social media numbers, please feel free to leave this site as there is probably not synergy between your philosophy and AJ’s secret algorithm to content creation.

In addition to over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry and over 25 years of involvement with professional sports; AJ has over 25 years of retail sales experience (AJ has been employed as the store manager for businesses in NY and LA), 20 years of marketing experience, holds degrees in Business, has taken advanced classes in Digital Marketing, MBA studies, web design…nuff said 💯

AJ does’t do what he does seeking views, likes, followers or friend request.

This site will show you passion, integrity, dedication, longevity, persistence over the span of a 30 year career. There is nobody like AJ…they don’t make em’ like this anymore.

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