It’s 2019, while others are just now diving into the content revolution, AJ Billions predicted this and was 1st to the party.

Established in 2007, AJ writes and produces family friendly content to inform and entertain.

AJ Billions is the most dynamic On-Air Host in the WORLD.

EST 2007

2007 {AJ’s 1st video shoot as Producer / Host}

filming at Benihana with Tom “Flash” Gordon

2008 – 2012 “Inside South Florida Show” launch

2013 “Inside Orlando Show” airs on TV in Florida

2013 “Inside South Florida Show” Trailer

2013 “Inside New York Show” launch

2014 “Inside South Florida Show” Trailer

2014 “Inside LA Show” launch

2014 “Inside Kansas City Show” launch

2014 “Inside Philly Show” launch

2015 “Inside Vegas Show” launch

2016 “Inside DC Show” launch

2016 “Inside Canada Show” launch

2017 “Inside Chicago Show” launch

2017 “Inside New York Show” Trailer

2018 -2019

Seeking Multi-Million Dollar Distribution / Syndication Deal

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